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Dorian Prombove Founder of Culture camerounaise has goon missing

Dorian Prombove founder of Culture camerounaise blog on facebook

it has been one week since Dorian Prombove founder of Cameroonian blog Culture Camerounaise on Facebook has gone missing with no trace after leaving a strange post on his WhatsApp status and Fcebook page

Dorian Prombove The owner of a popular Facebook page known as ‘Culture Camerounaise‘ has not been seen since November 23rd.

He earlier changed his profile picture the day before around 1 p.m. and uploaded something saying ‘C’est la Fin’ meaning it is the End.

people took it for a joke or a method of communication when he changed it but it wasn’t a joke.

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Peupah Zouzoua most followed francophone Cameroonian blogger said he left his home at 2 p.m., telling his neighbor that he was “coming”! He reportedly told some relatives that he can’t take it anymore!

He also refunded all his customers on his page who are currently stunned.
Peupah continue by saying that, at first his phones were going through but he will rather drop than pick his calls. He is now unreachable, no sign of life since November 23rd and his family is very worried.


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