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Incident Near Trump Trial: Man Sets Himself on Fire

Incident Near Trump Trial: Man Sets Himself on Fire

Man Sets Himself on Fire near the Lower Manhattan courthouse where jurors were being chosen for the Trump Trial. On Friday afternoon, around 1:35 p.m., the man, whose name we got as Max Azzarello, 37, of St. Augustine, Fla., doused himself with accelerant in Collect Pond Park, across the street from the courthouse. Before setting himself on fire, he threw leaflets espousing anti-government conspiracy theories into the air.

Onlookers shouted as bright orange flames swallowed the man. Despite efforts to put off the flame, the intensity of the heat was unbearable from a distance. Tens of police officers arrived and managed to quench the fire. The man was then hurried to a hospital burn unit but gave up to his injuries later that night.

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Mr Azzarello’s behaviour had become increasingly erratic over the past year. He was arrested three times in 2023 on misdemeanour charges in Florida and had a history of unusual incidents. He had also been active on social media, promoting anti-government literature.

Eye Witnesses described the sad scene as surreal, with disbelief as they watched Mr Azzarello set himself on fire in an area of the park reserved for Trump supporters. The incident did not disrupt the trial schedule, though one court officer was rushed to the hospital due to smoke inhalation.

Incident Near Trump Trial: Man Sets Himself on Fire Man Sets Himself on Fire

Fred Gates, a bystander, initially thought the act was a prank or performance until he saw the flames. Gideon Oliver, a civil rights lawyer, mistook the smoke for a fire in the park, then feared it might be a bomb upon seeing police and court officers rushing.

As Mr Azzarello poured accelerant on himself and held a flame at chest level, screams filled the air, marking the tragic end to a disturbing series of events.


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