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Liberian Movie to the World: Breaking of the Bush 1, 2, and 3

The Struggle and Progress of Liberian Cinema

As the world changes rapidly, Liberian movies have been struggling to appeal to national and international audiences. For decades, the quality of storylines, casting, soundtracks, cinematography, and production was poor. However, thanks to the support and talents of the new generation, the narrative is gradually being shifted. Liberia is making headway in the arts scene, and one of the examples is the exceptional movie by Gregory Frank Artus: Breaking of the Bush.

The Storyline and Message of Breaking of the Bush

Breaking of the Bush exposes the challenges that young girls face in the name of culture and tradition. The plot revolves around a wealthy young man who marries the woman of his dreams. However, his family soon abandons and neglects him, reducing him to abject poverty. He is forced to struggle mercilessly to take care of his only daughter.

The daughter, who is smart, intelligent, and brilliant, is taken to the village to visit her grandmother during vacation. There, she is initiated into the Sande Society, a traditional female secret society, and subjected to perpetual slavery. Without her father’s consent, she is handed over to an older man for marriage.

The father is blinded as a consequence of his refusal to adhere to the tradition. Meanwhile, the young girl, who has won a scholarship to study abroad, is trapped in the village. She has to endure life in the Sande bush and wait for her marriage upon graduation from the Sande school.

The film sheds light on the difficulties and challenges that teenage girls face in rural Liberia, such as forced labor, early marriage, and female genital mutilation (FGM). It also raises awareness about the need to address harmful traditional practices and protect the rights and well-being of girls in Liberia.

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The Reception and Impact of Breaking of the Bush

The film has been released in a series, with Breaking of the Bush 1, 2, and 3 captivating audiences both nationally and internationally. The exceptional storytelling and powerful performances have resonated with viewers, sparking important conversations. The film has also received positive reviews and feedback from critics and fans.

The success of Breaking of the Bush and other recent Liberian films signifies a promising future for the Liberian arts scene. With the dedication and talent of the new generation of filmmakers, there is hope for continued growth and recognition of Liberian cinema on the national and international stage.


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