• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Daniel Nsang video leaked online

A private video of Cameroonian Cameroonian actor Daniel Nsang has surfaced online. The video, which has been circulating on WhatsApp groups for 24 hours, shows Nsang sleeping with his sensitive parts exposed.

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In the video, Daniel Nsang can be seen resting, wearing only a tank top, unaware that he was being filmed by the person he allegedly had intimate relations with. The invasion of his privacy sparked outrage among Internet users and public figures.

Famous broadcaster Kelly John Officiel expressed his dismay, declaring: “How cruel! Why try to tarnish someone’s image to this extent? Regardless, this act against Daniel Nsang deserves to be condemned. It’s incredible. Before being a public figure, he is human, and his private life must be respected!”

Facebook user Pascaline Raïssa Malla condemned the act as “cruel and senseless” and called for strict enforcement of cybercrime laws.

The incident calls into question the persistent problem of the misuse of social media despite the authorities’ awareness-raising efforts.

In recent years, the National Information and Communication Agency (ANTIC) has been actively raising citizens’ awareness of the proper use of social media. However, it appears that these efforts have fallen on deaf ears, as incidents of cyberbullying continue to occur.

Mr. Nsang has not made any statement at this time.


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