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  • #BoycottGoFundMe Trends: Trump’s GoFundMe Surpasses $668,052 USD in Just a Few Hours

#BoycottGoFundMe Trends: Trump’s GoFundMe Surpasses $668,052 USD in Just a Few Hours

Introduction: In a striking turn of events, the hashtag #BoycottGoFundMe has gained traction on X, echoing the swift and significant rise of a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Elena Cardone, wife…

Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

Across the diverse and vibrant continent of Africa, a network of esteemed universities fosters intellectual growth and cultivates future leaders. Unveiling the 2024 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education,…

most powerful passports in Africa by Easy Access To Countries

Traveling abroad can be a hassle for many people, especially if they need to apply for a visa in advance. However, some passports offer more freedom and convenience than others,…

How Rwanda is Creating a New Generation of Green and Affordable Homes

Bwiza Riverside Affordable Homes Project, a partnership between @RwandaGov and private developer- ADHI Rwanda Ltd will deliver 1,680 affordable houses and 720 luxury units

How Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera is tackling inflation and low wages

Malawi’s President bans himself, other government officials from foreign tripsThe decision by President Lazarus Chakwera was said to be aimed at cutting public spending and helping the nation’s economy.“Any travel…