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A Big Match Cameroon vs Guinea in AFCON 2023

Cameroon vs Guinea in AFCON 2023

Cameroon vs Guinea will be their first group stages match if the 2023 African cup of nations. Cameroon and Guinea are lodge in the same group with Senegal and Gambia

Cameroon and Guinea are two strong teams in African football. They will play against each other in the first match of Group C in AFCON 2023 at the Stade Charles Konan Banny de Yamoussoukro on January 15, 2024

The tournament will take place in Ivory Coast. Many people are excited to watch this match. Let’s look at some facts and numbers that make this match more interesting.

How They Played Before:

Cameroon and Guinea have played six times before. They both won two times and tied two times. They are very equal teams.

Cameroon vs Guinea head to head statistics

How Many Goals They Scored and Allowed:

The matches between Cameroon and Guinea had many goals. They scored 13 goals in total. Cameroon scored a little more than Guinea. They scored 1.2 goals per match on average. Guinea scored 1.0 goals per match on average. But they also defended well. They both allowed only 0.6 goals per match on average.

How They Played Recently:

The last time Cameroon and Guinea played was in 2021. The match ended in a 1-1 tie. Before that, they played in 2017. Cameroon won by 2-1. The matches were very close. The next match will be close too.

Some Important Numbers to Watch:

  • Cameroon is good at penalty shootouts. They won two times when the match went to penalties. This could help them if the match is tied after 90 minutes.
  • Guinea is good at playing away. They won two of their last five matches against Cameroon in Cameroon. This could help them to surprise Cameroon at home.

Some Surprises to Expect:

Facts and numbers are useful, but football is unpredictable. Both Cameroon and Guinea have players who can do amazing things. They can change the match with one action. We can expect to see some great skills, strategies, and emotions from both teams and fans. They both want to win the first three points in AFCON 2023.
So, who will win? Will Cameroon show their strength, or will Guinea show their spirit? Get ready, football fans, because this match will be a show!


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