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Elsa Majimbo calls out Naomi Campbell

Kenyan model and influencer Elsa Majimbo has called out supermodel Naomi Campbell in a lengthy video. The video was posted on her Tiktok page, where she narrated the ordeal she went through with Naomi Campbell.

How it started

She said that back in 2020, she and Naomi followed each other on social media. Everyone around her knew that Naomi Campbell was her role model. Months later, Naomi was shopping in Nairobi and Elsa found out. She sent a message to the supermodel, expressing her interest in meeting her. The supermodel agreed to the request.

They met up in Nairobi and Naomi took her shopping alongside her brother. After the shopping, Naomi invited Elsa to vacation with her. This invitation made Elsa extremely happy, as she had idolized Naomi Campbell for a long time.

How it went wrong

While on vacation, Naomi Campbell suggested to Elsa Majimba to make a documentary about her life in Kenya and her break into Hollywood. However, the problems started when Elsa Majimbo shot a documentary about her experiences with discrimination and surviving as a woman of color. Naomi Campbell was not informed about this documentary.

Elsa Majimba was called on the phone by Naomi Campbell, who expressed outrage over being left in the dark about the documentary. Elsa tried to explain that this documentary was a different one from the one Naomi suggested to her, but Naomi did not listen.

Majimbo said that efforts at explaining the situation to Naomi Campbell seemed abortive. Instead, things got worse and Campbell became increasingly hostile towards her. They even cut communication.

How it affected her

Majimbo said that the situation almost drove her off the cliff mentally. She also revealed that she had to resort to drinking after feeling ostracised in the industry.

Months later, Majimbo said she was at an event and met up with Ghanaian fashion icon and editor of British Vogue, Edward Enninful. Majimbo alleged that her conversation with Enninful made her realize that her issue with Naomi Campbell could be responsible for her industry ostracism.

Why she is speaking up now

Majimbo said,

“Talking about the Naomi Campbell situation is very hard and scary for me. But I don’t want to be owned by someone else and I want to acknowledge that a lot of big hits and blows in my career came from another black woman and not my own incompetence.”


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