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Khalid and Salama divorced

In a surprising turn of things, Dubai’s most loved social media power couple, Khalid and Salama, are rumored to have gone separate ways. The duo, known for their educational and humorous content on Instagram, have reportedly divorced, leaving fans and followers in surprise.

The reason for their separation remains unknown, with no clear reasons provided by either party. The news has spread rapidly across social media platforms, with many netizens expressing disbelief and concern. Fans of the couple have flooded social media with messages of support, hoping that the rumors are either unfounded or part of a publicity stunt.

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Khalid and Salama have been a pillar in the world of content creation, often sharing their lives and family moments with their audience. Their positive and uplifting posts have garnered a significant following, making this news particularly unsettling for those who looked up to their relationship.

5 things to know about Khalid Al Ameri & Salama Mohamed as a couple

Instagram Popularity

Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed became popular on Instagram. They are known for inspiring and funny posts. They are very good at making content.

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Achievements Together

PULSEBEAT ENTERTAINMENT looked at what the couple has done. They have achieved a lot together.

Supporting Each Other

They always help each other. When Salama started a new brand and talked about her skin problem, vitiligo, Khalid was there for her. He helped her stay strong. When Khalid wanted to tell stories and had trouble finding work, Salama was there for him. Khalid thanked her in a special message.

Positive Content

They make videos to make people happy. They joke about married life and try to be funny. They work together to make their followers laugh.

Family Life

They have two sons, Abdullah and Khalifa. Sometimes the boys are in the videos, but not too much. The couple wants to keep their children’s lives private.

TikTok Success

They made a video with TikTok that got shown on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Khalid told his followers about this big news. They are excited to tell more stories.

Helping Others

Khalid and Salama like to help people. They gave money to someone in the UAE with breast cancer. They are good examples for others. They do kind things, like paying for their nanny’s expenses when she went home. They care about the community and help people who need it.


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