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President Obama is meeting with UK’s P.M Rishi Sunak. I

Talks were held between Barack Obama and Rishi Sunak. A “courtesy visit” to Downing Street was paid by the former US president during his London trip.

An hour-long meeting saw a range of subjects discussed by the pair, including artificial intelligence, a favourite topic of the prime minister.

Obama’s tenure in the White House spanned two terms, from 2009 to 2017, before Donald Trump succeeded him. His London visit was part of his work with the Obama Foundation, which manages a scholarship programme among other initiatives.

“A courtesy drop-in, informal in nature, was made by Obama as part of his London trip,” stated the prime minister’s official spokesperson.

The spokesperson added, “Contact was made by President Obama’s team, and the prime minister was very pleased to meet and discuss the Obama Foundation’s work.”

Largely one-to-one discussions were held in the prime minister’s study by the two. A brief pause at No 10’s door was made by Obama to wave at the cameras, but no photos were released from the private meeting, as stated by Downing Street.

Questions were posed to Obama by the media about Russian democracy as he left Downing Street with Jane D Hartley, the US ambassador to the UK. “I’m tempted!” was his reply.

A subsequent meeting was held between the former president and Keir Starmer, the Labour leader.

A previous visit to Downing Street was made by Obama in April 2016, during David Cameron’s tenure as prime minister.

It is understood that Lord Cameron, the foreign secretary, was not present at Monday’s discussions. Mixed have been the public statements about each other, despite early suggestions of a “bromance” when both men were in power.

In 2016, Obama suggested that domestic priorities had distracted Cameron as Libya became a “mess”. He also mentioned a warning he gave to his British counterpart about the “special relationship” being at risk if the UK failed to commit 2% of national income on defence, in accordance with Nato targets.

Obama was described as “dithering” on Libya and “clearly frustrated at being sucked in,” according to Cameron in his autobiography.


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