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Rupert Murdoch engaged again for the 6th time

Australian – American Media guru Rupert Murdoch engaged again for the 6th time to his girlfriend at the age of 92. The wedding invites have already gone out and male guests will be required to wearing Morning Suits or, if there’s a cold snap, Mourning Suits

The nonagenarian billionaire, within a year of his previous wedding being called off. The engagement was confirmed by the media representative of the former News Corp chairman to CNN on Friday, preceding the billionaire’s 93rd birthday by mere days.

Previously, Murdoch had been engaged twice within a year. His intention to marry a former dental hygienist and conservative radio host was made public last March, only to be retracted weeks later.

Currently, Murdoch is set to marry a retired molecular biologist aged 67, as reported by The New York Times. The couple, who reportedly began their relationship last summer, have plans to exchange vows at Moraga Bel Air, Murdoch’s opulent vineyard and estate in California.

In recent months, news sites have featured images of Murdoch with his partner, who is the mother of a Russian American art collector, previously married to a Russian oligarch.

Murdoch, who was recently ranked #280 on Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index with a net worth of $9 billion, relinquished his role as chairman of News Corporation last November, delegating control to his eldest son, Lachlan. Despite stepping down, Murdoch has maintained an active role, now serving as chairman emeritus of Fox Corporation.

Murdoch’s matrimonial history includes marriages to a former flight attendant, a journalist, an entrepreneur who is credited with introducing him to his current fiancée, and a former model, with whom his divorce was finalized in August 2022.

The reasons behind the cancellation of Murdoch’s last engagement remain undisclosed. At that time, Murdoch expressed his apprehension about the proposal, stating it would be his final one.

Further details regarding the timing and venue of Murdoch’s forthcoming wedding have not been provided by his office.


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