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Was Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou scripted?

Uk WORLD heavy weight boxer Anthony Joshua knocked out Cameroonian former UFC World heavy weight champion Francis Ngannou in a two rounds match which took the whole world by surprise looking back at Francis Ngannou’s incredible boxing debut with WBC undefeated champion Tyson Fury. In this article, we are looking at the question “was Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou scripted?

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Francis Ngannou earned $20 million from his fight against Anthony Joshua. He also earned $10 million from the Tyson Fury fight. Joshua earned $50 million from the fight. He has made $30 million from two boxing matches. He only made $3.5 million from 14 UFC fights in 7 years.

many social media users have held the opinion that the fight was scripted in order to save the image of boxing.

@warlord66230 wrote ” Francis Ngannou wasn’t even defending. What a well rehersed script from Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou #JoshuaNgannou

Another tweet @BongoIdeas  wrote “Before this fight, Ngannou said he wouldn’t beat an African brother, so he faked defeat to make an African brother feel good, cos there’s no way Antony Joshua can stand the MMA fighter. Fully scripted! Fixed!

Anthony Joshua’s fans equally stormed social media to prove the match was real and not scripted. One said: “Anthony Joshua sent Francis Ngannou to sleep with a hammer punch and you think it was staged instead of congratulating him? Very few fighters can stand this punch.”

Another wrote: “Anthony Joshua folded Francis Ngannou like Origami.”

A third added: “Ngannou felt his soul leave his body bro! You can’t call this one staged. Joshua meant business.”

A fourth added: “I honestly do not know why some people said that the match was fixed. Joshua Ngannou was open throughout the match, and did a little to nothing to protect himself from Anthony Joshuas’ punches.

“I do not really blame him. He is not a pro boxer.”

was Anthony Joshua vs Francis N’Gannou scripted?

few days before the match a short video clip of Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua boxing behind the scenes surfaced online suggesting the two were working on the scrip.

This was how ever thrown behind by so many social media users who believe it was an advert the two were shooting.

see video here

It Should be noted that this clip was not found in any promotion video or the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou match.

What do you think? Was Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou scripted?


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