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Cameroon vs Guinea: Song and Kemen share their thoughts ahead of AFCON 2024 opener

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2024 kicked off yesterday in Ivory Coast, and one of the most anticipated matches is the clash between Cameroon and Guinea. The two teams will face each other on Monday, January 15, 2024, at the Charles Konan Banny Stadium in Yamoussoukro.

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Cameroon, the hosts and the third-place finishers in 2022, are eager to start their campaign on a high note. Guinea, on the other hand, are looking to repeat their impressive performance in 2022, when they reached the knockout stages.

Ahead of the match, the coach and the midfielder of Cameroon, Rigobert Song and Olivier Kemen, spoke to the press and shared their thoughts on the game, their challenges, and their expectations.

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Song: “We need a positive attitude, a strong commitment, and a fighting spirit”

Rigobert Song, the coach of Cameroon, expressed his pride and his challenge as the manager of the national team. He said that he was trying to pass on his experience and his values to his younger brothers, as he called his players.

“Obviously, it’s another challenge. I was a player and today I am the manager of the Cameroon national team. It’s true, it’s not easy because the generations have changed, but what I try to pass on to my younger brothers is this commitment because in football, what makes the difference is the state of mind. It’s not always easy but it’s possible. I believe in them and I hope that they will have this state of mind, this commitment and this fighting spirit which are part of our DNA. This is what I want to pass on to my younger brothers so that we can achieve our goals,” he said.

Song also talked about the importance of having a good start in the tournament, especially against a tough opponent like Guinea.

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“We know that the first match is always decisive. We have to be ready mentally and physically. We have to respect our opponent, who is a very good team. They have quality players and they play good football. We have to be focused and determined. We have to play with our hearts and our heads. We have to give everything on the pitch,” he added.

Kemen: “It’s an honor to play for Cameroon and I hope to bring my determination”

Olivier Kemen, the midfielder of Cameroon, expressed his honor and his gratitude for being selected for the national team. He said that he was aware of what the jersey and the flag represent, and that he hoped to bring his determination and his combativeness to the team.

“First of all, it’s an honor to have the opportunity to be selected for Cameroon when you know what this jersey and this flag represent. In all humility, I hope to bring my determination to the team, my combativeness on the field because on the technical aspect in all lines we have what to do. And then we will stay humble and do what we have to do in training and prepare as best as possible for the matches and I think everything will go well,” he said.

Kemen also praised the coach and the captain of the team, Song and Aboubakar, for their leadership and their influence on the group.

“They are both great personalities and great professionals. They have a lot of experience and they know how to manage the group. They are always there to motivate us, to advise us, to support us. They are role models for us and we are lucky to have them,” he said.

Song: “Aboubakar is crucial, Onana is one of the best, but we are focused on the match”

Rigobert Song also addressed the situation of two key players of his team, Aboubakar Vincent and Onana Andre,

Aboubakar, the captain and the striker of the team, suffered an injury and his availability for the match is uncertain. Song said that he was a crucial and an important player, but he did not confirm if he would play or not.

“Speaking of Aboubakar Vincent, you know him better than me. It’s a shame because he remains a crucial, very important player, a captain who has demonstrated it for several years. It’s more fear than harm, we developed something else [rumor about his crime, editor’s note]. Apparently he’s part of the group. With what he had, maybe he will be able to have access tomorrow or not but he is part of the group,” he said³.

Onana, the goalkeeper of the team, will join the team late because of his club commitments. He stayed with his club Manchester united to be able to play the match against Tottenham today before joining his teammates in Yamoussoukro. Song said that he is one of the best goalkeepers, but he also said that the team was doing well without him.

“We all know that Onana remains one of the best goalkeepers. If we gave him authorization it is because we know the qualities he has. At the group level, everything is going well. But what interests us now is tomorrow’s match and making do with what we have,” he said.

Song also revealed that he had a typical team and a system in mind for the match, but he did not give any details about them.

“I can confirm to you today that I already have a typical team and I know what system I will use tomorrow,” he said³.


The match between Cameroon and Guinea promises to be an exciting and a competitive one, as both teams have high ambitions and quality players. The coach and the midfielder of Cameroon, Song and Kemen, shared their thoughts on the game, their challenges, and their expectations. They expressed their pride, their determination, and their confidence, but they also showed their respect, their humility, and their focus. They also talked about the situation of two key players, Aboubakar and Onana, who have been facing some difficulties. The match will take place on Monday, January 15, 2024, at the Charles Konan Banny Stadium in Yamoussoukro. Don’t miss it!


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