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Over 50 harassment allegations against Hervé Bopda

The day dawns, and the lugubrious sexual predator Hervé Bopda, who has operated with impunity for decades, is still free. He enjoys powerful support and believes himself to be untouchable.

As a reminder, he sows terror among the fairer sex in Cameroon. It operates in Yaoundé, but especially in Douala. A violent psychopath, he does not hesitate to kidnap the women he rapes with rare violence during surreal orgies.

He travels with his firearms and does not hesitate to threaten his victims. He says he is untouchable and benefits from powerful support within the judiciary, the police, the presidential guard, and the army. Not all complaints filed against him have been successful.

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His modus operandi, approaching women in restaurants or following them in the street in his vehicle, kidnap them. He brutalizes all the women who resist him.

He is accompanied in his sinister work by gorillas.

Whistleblower @MantoZui has already collected hundreds of chilling and appalling testimonies. The authorities were contacted. Despite this, Hervé Bopda is still walking freely. The country’s major media outlets are silent; they do not mention this extremely serious matter.

The latest developments show that it is a powerful network. He works with thugs who provide him with girls, including minors. Elements of the presidential guard ensure his protection.

Hervé Bopda and presidential guards

If a state allows such a monster to operate with impunity despite denunciations, should we acknowledge the bankruptcy of the state and take justice into our own hands? Especially when we know the speed and efficiency of these leaders when it comes to capturing political opponents.

It is possible that his supporters have decided to organize his escape from Cameroon. Maybe to protect the network. We tell those that such a psychopath will never be able to stop himself from reoffending, and sooner or later, he will be caught! The best way to help him is to deliver himself.

Some testimonies against Hervé Bopda

“He was going out with my sister. She is sick. They were going to take their anti-retroviral drugs together from the same doctor for years He promised her stability and marriage One day he dumped her by insulting herThat way you know People are just afraid to tell you. He’s been sick ever since and just wanted to share. They had the exact same doctor, the same medications, etc. She saw tests and they had wedding plans She put up with it because she had finally found a sick guy like her, who was going to marry her. We must stop this gentleman.”Anonymous

This Woman says her child is currently being held hostage by Hervé Bopda

“There is my daughter currently at his house who doesn’t know how to get home, I’m trying to get her news”

Messages from the daughter to her mother:

” I stay calm,
I’ll find a way to tell him I’m coming home.
He hasn’t slept, he’s been on the phone since yesterday.
I also don’t want to act like I know something

I act like no one told me anything about him
I stay calm first
it’s better
I wait for him to free me
With everything that’s going on here I don’t think he can hurt me

I hope he won’t do anything to me
I’m already scared”

Third testimony

“Hello grand n’zui, I have just revealed to you that this guy is part of a rich people’s club, a sort of sect where they obtain women and men aged 15 by going up to the big men that they use for the rites , incantations, sexual abuse and others. Reason why he is very protected he is really very dangerous on a spiritual level they are very dangerous his crimes are linked to spirituality. They hold meetings dressed weirdly wearing weird rings. One of the members of this circle constantly posted the images on his status
I’m ready to testify my case against him.”




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