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Mr Leo and Mr P of P-Square mentioned in the Hervé Bopda saga

For some days now, Cameroonian social media space has been in shock following revelations made by NZUI manto of a certain serial women abuser known as Hervé Bopda.

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According to reports, this man harrases women and rapes them them at gun point. Over 60 testimonies have been shared about him one of which mentions Cameroonian artiste Mr Leo and Nigerian member of the P-Square: Mr P precisely.

It should be noted that this is the 57th testimony against Hervé Bopda and ABENA XAVIER his accomplice.

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The testimony which is signed anonymous reads:

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“When I was 15 years old in 2018, a famous person on Instagram called PIERRE PRECIUSE “MOURZANE” gave me to “her boss” ABENA XAVIER. She knew he was bad but she did not care.

“I want to tell you what XAVIER ABENA did to me.

He made a contest for models in 2018. He used this contest to get girls and then sell them to bad people. I was 15 years old and most of us were very young. He took pictures of us and said it was for a job. Then many men called me and said they saw my pictures and wanted to give me a lot of money.
Then Xavier took us to a place in Buea where they gave us money when we danced (we were about twenty girls). They were very rich men and some of them were famous like Peter (from Psquare) and MR Léo. I saw them with my own eyes. In Buea he gave us to a man called Narcissise who had big cars. There they took our phones because we could not take pictures. And the men there did bad things to us.

I want to say that it was PIERRE PRECIUSE on Instagram who gave me to Xavier and said he was her boss. They told me I could be very famous and have many chances in this country. Xavier showed me many pictures with Biscuit de mer when she was new and said she became who she is because of him. He also showed me his pictures with Ivana Ononino and many other famous people. All these pictures were in his old Instagram account called Biscuit _de_père but I can’t find this account now.
I also want to say that he tried to give me to David Eto’o like he gave Mourzane to him but I ran away from them. Xavier was Mourzane’s boss. And when he made his contests, she invited many young girls she knew. But she knew what was really happening behind. ”



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