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Jay Boogie in critical condition (video)

Jay Boogie in critical condition (video)

Jay Boogie video: Nigerian transgender Jay Boogie’s condition is not getting any better. A video of him sneezing blood has surfaced online.

Nigerian transgender activist and fashion enthusiast, Jay Boogie, is currently in critical condition due to complications arising from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery that went wrong.

The surgery has resulted in kidney failure, and Jay Boogie requires a transplant to survive. The Nigerian social media star has used social media to appeal for help, and a close friend, Dr. Loveth, has been actively advocating for support on his behalf.

Jay Boogie underwent the BBL surgery on October 30, 2023, with Dr. Chidinma Akpa, the owner of Curvy Girl Essentials. The surgery was intended to enhance his appearance, but it took an unfortunate turn, leaving him struggling with difficulties in urination and other health issues.

A few hours after the surgery, he developed sepsis and acute kidney injury, and the hospital refused to take responsibility. The transgender claimed that the doctor dumped him in another hospital and has been undergoing dialysis and sepsis treatment since the beginning of November.

Jay Boogie’s critical condition has prompted an outpouring of sympathy and support from Nigerians, who have rallied to contribute to a GoFundMe account initiated by a member of the LGBT community, allegedly a doctor. However, the controversy unfolded when the GoFundMe account was flagged, and suspicions were raised about the authenticity of Jay Boogie’s medical condition. The doctor behind the fundraising initiative, alongside another individual named Tosin, reportedly exposed the crossdresser for failing to provide the original test results from the hospital to verify the claimed kidney failure. The allegations suggest that Jay Boogie may have misled the public about the severity of his health condition and exploited their sympathy for financial gain.

Jay boogie video sneezing blood


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