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Jerry Amilo gets people talking with his new skin color

A new video of veteran Nollywood actor Jerry Amilo trending across social media platforms in Nigeria and internationally.

He changed his hair color to gold and his skin looked whiter than before in the video.

People are curious about his new look. Some think he used a cream to make his skin lighter, while others think he used a camera effect.

See video below

Photos of Jerry Amilo before and after

Jerry Amilo has really transformed in to a white person. See his photos before and after here

photos of Jerry Amilo before

photos of Jerry Amilo after

How Jerry Amilo spent 3 days in the mortuary

In 1998, Jerry Amilo was involved in a fatal road accident that killed him and his lawyer, Dịlo. They were returning to Lagos from Ibadan for a business meeting when the front tire of their car spun off and they somersaulted over and over again. The police confirmed their deaths at the scene.

However, Jerry miraculously survived and was taken to the mortuary for three days. According to his own account, he was told that there was no light in the mortuary and that his body did not decay at all. He said he felt something moving inside him and that he could hear voices around him.

On the third day, he woke up in the mortuary and started twitching. The attendant who was cleaning him ran away thinking he was a ghost. The young doctors who came to check on him were shocked to see him alive. They took him to the hospital for treatment.

Jerry said he spent two years recovering from his injuries. He had lost his sight, broken his jaw, damaged his spine, and suffered from brain damage. He had to undergo several surgeries and eat only liquid food for four months.

He said he believes that God saved him from death because of his faith and that he wants to use his life to glorify God and help others.


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