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Armed men attack bar where Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu was chilling in Bamenda

For some days now, Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu has been in Bamenda. Some Cameroonian filmmakers brought him to shoot a film titled ‘Abakwa’.

So tonight, they took him to a bar in Bamenda to have fun. Fans were there to chat with him. That’s when the Amba Boys stormed the place and caused trouble.

Amba Boys said the owner of the place brought Sylvester to his place without giving them any money to appease them, so they started causing trouble. Gunshots began to fly.

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Caffiage panicked inside the bar and lay on the floor to avoid trouble. Here is a video of that.

Sylvester was in the VIP section of the bar. They hid him in a corner.

Then the military came and solved the problem. As they came, they shot in the air, and Amba ran away. They took Sylvester, put him in a military vehicle, and took him to a secure hotel.

Then, they told Caffiage that they would be there for 10 minutes to protect them, so everyone should use those 10 minutes to leave the place and go home. That’s how fans ran out and went home.

reports say 3 persons are confirmed dead and 8 injured

video here

Sylvester Madu in Bamenda


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