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Ghanaians Divided on Social Media as UTV Airs Adult Content (videos)

Ghana’s television landscape was rocked on march 02 2022 after UTV, a popular channel, aired what many viewers deemed inappropriate adult content. The incident sparked outrage and divided opinions on social media, with many expressing disgust and disappointment, while others defended the channel, claiming it is sex education and should be studied . UTV videos

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The incident quickly gained traction on Twitter, with the hashtag #UTV trending as users voiced their concerns. Many users criticized the channel for its lack of discretion and for potentially exposing children to inappropriate content.

“@Ian_Ligih wrote ‘A national Ghanian TV (UTV) airing Explicit content Live buana, society which was hinged on protecting  values is now rotten to the core”

Others expressed concerns about the potential impact on Ghanaian society, particularly the erosion of moral values.

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“@officiallordy wrote “Gone were the days when night times were for the repetition of vital TV programs that took place during the day. 

Today, UTV, Movement TV and Co has turned it to P0rn.graphic night.

However, not everyone condemned the channel. Some users defended UTV, claiming it was sex education and they really want to learn l.

@SneakerNyame_  wrote “If the world is coming to an end because UTV is showing women how to sit on a man’s face, then please the world should chill. I need to experience this.”

UTV has yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), under which UTV operates, is also yet to comment on the matter.

The incident has sparked a national conversation about appropriate content on Ghanaian television and the need for stricter regulations to ensure that viewers, especially children, are protected from exposure to harmful or inappropriate material.


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