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who is Leah Williamson’s partner ?


Leah Williamson, a distinguished professional footballer with Arsenal Women in the Women’s Super League (WSL), has left an indelible mark on European women’s football. This article explores her career, personal life, and the intriguing question – who is Leah Williamson’s partner?

Early Years and Football Career

Leah’s journey began as a midfielder, later transitioning to defense under the guidance of her coach. Since 2014, she has been a prominent figure in senior-level football in her homeland. Despite familial ties to rival Tottenham Hotspur, Leah remains a devoted Arsenal fan.

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Leah Williamson’s Biography

Born on March 29, 1997, in Milton Keynes, Leah is now 25 years old. Celebrating her birthday with family and friends, she proudly holds British citizenship. Her parents, Amanda and David Williamson, have played crucial roles in shaping her identity, with Amanda being a former football player.

Leah Williamson’s Partner: Mason Childs

Mason Childs, Leah’s former partner, shares a professional football background. Their paths crossed in the football arena, leading to a connection that endured for a period. The dynamics of their relationship are unveiled through birthday messages and shared images.

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Mentorship and Friendship with Alex Scott

Leah’s journey includes valuable mentorship from Alex Scott, a former Arsenal colleague and BBC commentator. Scott’s “tough love” significantly influenced Leah’s growth as a player, emphasizing the standards of excellence in their shared football journey.

Leah Williamson’s Dating History

Currently in a committed relationship with teammate Jordan Nobbs, Leah’s dating history includes Mason Childs. Her bond with Jordan, both on and off the pitch, adds a layer of depth to her personal life.

The Connection with Keira Walsh

Leah’s friendship with Keira Walsh, developed since their meeting at an England Under-15s camp, underscores a remarkable connection that has shaped their football careers.

Leah Williamson’s Partner: Jordan Nobbs

In a dynamic partnership on and off the pitch, Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs exemplify success. Jordan’s accomplishments in the FA Women’s Super League and for England’s national team contribute to their shared narrative.

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Relationship Status and Injury Update

While not married, Leah is currently in a serious and enduring relationship with Jordan Nobbs. The article addresses Leah’s past injury and provides insight into her commitment to her partner and the game.

The Unconfirmed Official Announcement

Fans speculate about Leah Williamson’s relationship with Jordan Nobbs, given the shared photos and apparent closeness. Despite this, an official confirmation is yet to be announced.


Leah Williamson’s journey in football and her personal life is a compelling narrative of dedication, mentorship, and enduring relationships. As we delve into her achievements and partnerships, the question about her partner adds an element of curiosity to an already remarkable story.


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