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Anita Brown “I gained 700k followers from Instagram rant. Nigerians love negativity”

Anita Brown Davido

I gained 700k followers from an Instagram rant, Nigerians love negativity” Anita Brown speaks on her online drama with Davido.

Anita Brown, the alleged mistress to music star, Davido has bragged about the perks of being scandalous on social media.

The US-based socialite, who now boasts over a million Instagram followers, revealed how she gained 700k followers by just ranting on Instagram.

She wondered about the number of streams she would get on streaming platforms and television if she ranted on the platforms.

“Gained 700k followers from an Instagram rant. Imagine what I do when I’m released on streaming platforms and television. Y’all still talking”Instagram”. I’m talking TELEVISION, LOL”.

Anita Brown “I gained 700k followers from Instagram rant. Nigerians love negativity”

Taking to her comment section, a social media user questioned if he has to rant to gain more followers and she positively replied to him.

“So all I gotta do is rant for my followers to go up? Is that how that works??”.

Replying him, she asserted that netizens don’t like positivity but negativity.

“Lmao basically they don’t like positivity they be lying. They live for negativity lmao”.
Majority concurred with her as they noted how many feed on negativity.

One Interior By Marilols wrote, “Where is the lie? Nigerians thrive on negative news. Bad belle everywhere

One Ubivho Omena wrote, “Did she lie? The reason Burna Boy doesn’t like Naija

One Bhamkie Pearl wrote, “Nigerians and negativity

One Victoria Harry wrote, “She’s not lying though, Nigerians feed off negativity

One Sis Inife wrote, “Well she didn’t lie

One Big Vick wrote, “See finish, where’s the lie?


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