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Nigerian Wigmaker Helen WilliamsBreaks Guinness World Record for Longest Handmade Wig

Helen Williams , a Nigerian wigmaker and entrepreneur, has achieved a remarkable feat by creating the longest handmade wig ever recorded. The wig measures 351.28 m (1,152 ft 5 in) and was made in Agba Ebule, Nigeria, on July 7, 2023. The Guinness World Records (GWR) site announced her achievement and delivered her the award on Friday.

Helen, who is the CEO of Hair Rita 9ja, a hair business she started in 2019, said she was inspired by her childhood passion for reading GWR books. She decided to pursue a record that matched her skills and expertise as a wigmaker and wig instructor. She posted a video on her Instagram page showing her receiving the award and expressing her gratitude to GWR and her supporters.

Helen said she faced many challenges in making the wig, such as financial constraints, power outages, and lack of space. She said she did not give up on her dream and did not compromise on her initial capital. She also said she wanted to make every woman feel beautiful without breaking the bank, and that was her motivation for making affordable and quality wigs.

Helen William ‘s wig is now the longest handmade wig in the world, surpassing the previous record of 134.62 m (441 ft 6 in) held by Asha Mandela from the USA since 2018. Helen said she hopes her achievement will inspire other Nigerians and Africans to pursue their dreams and break new records.


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