• Mon. May 20th, 2024

Macron Urges Vigilance: “We Must Not Allow Russia to Win” in Ukraine Conflict

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a crucial address to the nation, speaking directly to the French people via the two largest TV channels. His message centered on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and France’s role in this high-stakes geopolitical struggle.

Here are the key takeaways from his speech:

1. Russia Must Not Prevail

While France is not officially at war with Russia, Macron emphasized that allowing Russia to emerge victorious in the conflict is unacceptable. “We must not let them win,” he declared. The stakes are high, and complacency is not an option.

2. France’s Military Restraint

Macron assured the French people that France would not initiate military operations in Ukraine. This commitment underscores France’s desire to avoid further escalation and prioritize diplomatic solutions.

3. Challenges Faced by Ukrainian Forces

Acknowledging the difficulties encountered by Ukrainian forces, Macron recognized that their counter-offensive did not unfold as planned. He attributed these challenges to Russia’s sheer size and military capabilities.

4. Stakes for French Lives and European Security

Macron underscored the gravity of the situation. Had Russia triumphed, French lives would have been profoundly affected, and European security would be compromised. The need to prevent such an outcome remains paramount.

5. Russia as the Enemy

The French president unequivocally labeled Russia as the enemy, specifically targeting the Kremlin regime. However, he clarified that France is not directly at war with Russia. Nevertheless, they remain prepared for

Our nuclear potential provides us with security

We will be ready to make the necessary decisions so that Russia never wins.

We are not in a novel or in a series!

Our defense industry is not equipped for high-intensity war. But we have increased our production capacity by 3 times. We will also produce weapons in Ukraine, closer to the front.

The authority of the EU will be zero if Russia wins the war. I can’t believe Putin will stop after Ukraine.

We will produce about 75 CAESAR guns ( I did not specify the timing ). They will all go to the Ukrainian Front.


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