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Rinyu and Achu normad affair, see this prophecy by prophet betang Henry

Cameroonian artist Ngah Rinyu Confi, popularly known for her stage name Rinyu has gone ways with her record Label Akumba Music owned by Achu Normad and this is what has been trending in the cameroon music industry sphere. In this article we are going to look at the whole story “From what is found on the Internet. And an early prophecy from prophet Betang Henry Orock about Ngah Rinyu.

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The whole story began when one of the leading music blog in the country broke the news of her departure from the label Early in January this year. News that was refuted by Akumbai music boss Achu Normad, claiming they are in good terms and that the artist was currently in Ivory coast promoting Razzle a beverage which she is brand ambassador of. And that upon her arrival they are going to announce the release of her next studio album. 

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In his words he wrote:

“I am reacting to the post 237Showbiz made this morning about Rinyu and Akumba Music parting ways. News organs should always reach out to organizations they work with and get comments before posting or communicating on sensitive issues like this. 

Akumba Music and Rinyu continue to have working agreement in place. So, blogs should restrain from communicating about splitting because this could greatly hurt our present and future projects. 

– ⁠Akumba Music is preparing for Rinyu’s second Album which is scheduled to be released this 2024. So, communications of this sort will greatly affect this upcoming mega project for the artist negatively. 

– Also, Rinyu and Akumba Music work with a highly valued third party partner UCB – Razzl. Spewing incorrect information like this could jeopardize our work with our partner, we know how much brands dislike instability of any sort. 

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Rinyu is in Abidjan working with Razzl for the AFCON and she currently uses her official pages to make posts on the brand and update her fans. Her official pages will also be used by her and her team  to communicate on her upcoming releases.”

A few days Later, Rinyu came online weeping and accusing her boss of constantly reporting her new pages that she is trying to move on by creating. Given that her original Facebook page was properly of Akumba music. 

In a lengthy statement posted on Facebook, Normad said that he discovered Rinyu’s beautiful voice five years ago and immediately believed in it. He had a dream that she’ll be one of the greatest singers in Africa and was able to sell this dream to her.

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“I gave her my creativity and Unique sound,” Normad wrote. “For 5 years, I only played guitar for her and wrote 95% of the over 50 songs we have recorded together. I then Used every last penny I had to produce these songs at world standard, creatively directed and financed music videos, packaged and smartly promoted these songs aggressively to break us out into Central African Market. With all this, I gladly gave her HALF of all earnings because I believed our partnership will be long term.”

Normad said that Rinyu made the decision to leave Akumba Music for personal reasons a few months ago and that they could have gone to court to fight her termination of the 15-year contract but decided not to.

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“We then sat down with her and her legal team and came up with a termination agreement which would see us all ride out this amazing run peacefully,” he wrote.

The termination agreement, according to Normad, spells out terms on how they will collaborate and execute already recorded/existing projects and their pending 3rd party endorsement deals.

“This sale is NOT limited to cash, it could be a simple exchange of service like supporting Akumba future projects, more royalty percentage or a percentage from her future endorsements deals,” he wrote. “This however does not stop her from creating other pages and we have NOT and DO NOT plan to stop her from doing so.”

Normad also said that even after Rinyu leaves, the agreement still gives her 40% of all royalties FOREVER for the songs they did together. He added that Akumba Music owns FULL copyrights and performance rights to all songs recorded with her so she cannot perform these songs without their express approval.

“However, we have GRANTED her permission to perform these songs for a 50/50 split on all performance revenue,” he wrote.

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Normad denied playing any part in the deletion of Rinyu’s newly created pages.

“Her presence, her voice, her story – they matter, not just to us, but to the world,” he wrote. “After all, her social media handles are not just about her, they’re about us and about the legacy we’ve built together.”

Normad expressed his gratitude to Rinyu for buying into his dream and giving her talent to fulfilling it.

“Rinyu I want to express my deepest gratitude for buying into my dream and giving your unparalleled talent to fulfilling it,” he wrote. “You have infused our music with a brilliance that touched hearts and souls alike and without you, the melody of Akumba wouldn’t resonate half as deeply. It may be ending prematurely but the future is bright and full of potential. We wish you the best as you venture out into the open and we will remain your HOME if you ever choose to find your way back to us.”

Normad said that Akumba Music will continue on its mission to connect Cameroon’s Music to the rest of the world and create legacies.

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“Let’s not sugarcoat it – our journey hasn’t been a smooth sail,” he wrote. “As the captain of this ship, I’ve stumbled, faltered, and made mistakes along the way. And for each misstep, I humbly accept my responsibility. But rest assured, I’m committed to growth, to becoming the leader the team deserves, and to learning from every twist and turn in this adventure.”

Orock Henry Betang?

Who is Betang Henry.

Betang Henry Orock is a self-acclaimed prophet who has claimed most of his prophecies have come to pass not limiting to his prophecy about late Cameroonian artist Fhish, his prophecy about the mamfe massacre and More.

He has on so many occasions echoed about the presence of a black book in Cameroon in which there are names of many Cameroonian celebrities and politicians. 

During one of his prophecies last year, He stated that “Rinyu has escaped a terrible thing.” He didn’t actually say what the thing is. 

See video here

Based on his so much claim of the black book, could it be that Rinyu escape the black book? Remember neither Rinyu nor Achy normad has actually talked about the origin of the problem? What do you think? Drop your comment below 


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